The Center for Caregiver Spirituality is a ministry of Trinity Baptist Church, Conyers, that aims to empower caregivers to grow spiritually and build healthy relationships with other caregivers and loved ones.

Caregivers–those who take care of aging parents, special-needs children, ailing spouses, and other loved ones–have various burdens, fears, and anxieties–The CCS is here to help!

Our individual support provides safe atmospheres that value compassion over judgment, active listening over coercive lecturing, and a rewarding, hope-filled journey over anxious uncertainty.

The CCS also seeks to assist caregivers in:

  • Participating in effective prayer/meditation
  • Engaging in historic, faith-based spiritual exercises
  • Receiving much-needed rest and Sabbath
  • Fostering reconciliation and peacemaking
  • Promoting self-care and self-awareness

About the facilitator:

Dr. Joe LaGuardia serves as pastor of Trinity Baptist Church.  Joe’s mission is to bring people into a more intimate relationship with Christ through effective ministry, preaching, teaching, writing, and support.

Joe holds degrees from Palm Beach Atlantic University and McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University.   Joe’s doctoral work related to ministry for caregivers at Trinity Baptist Church and support groups/seminars that started in 2005.

His dissertation, entitled “Toward Spiritual Growth: Implementing Group Spiritual Direction for Caregivers at Trinity Baptist Church, Conyers, Georgia,” laid the foundation for the work and resources of the CCS.  Joe’s deepest desire is for caregivers to connect with God and with other caregivers in order to foster life-long friends and peer-supported networks.

email: trinityassociate@bellsouth.net



  1. Thank you for Caregiver Spirituality Online! I have written a book called, “Journey With Jeff: Inspiration for Caregivers of People with Special Needs,” about our son who lived with Down syndrome for 27 years. My aim is to show caregivers of people with ALL kinds of needs, including the Sandwich Generation, that they are not alone. Your quote about not being alone in the furnace of spiritual growth (like Daniel) seems to sum it all up. I’m writing a sequel, called, “Ripple Effect: Responses to Journey With Jeff,” because my greatest reward has been hearing how the book helped other caregivers! Most of the blogs on my URL tell their story.

  2. Congratulations Joe on a website well done! So much inspiration and information is provided on its pages….thank you, as a caregiver, as a fellow worker in the field of caregiver spiritual support. A wonderful resource!

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